The pace of business is faster than ever before. People expect quick action in two way paperwork flows. With efficiency becoming increasingly important in the modern corporate world, finding the right tools to streamline business is crucial.  There are many ways that e-signature can improve the efficiency of<!–-more–-> your business, and we all know what efficiency means- accelerated business expansion.


No more chasing signatures!

First of all, waiting for signatures can hold up sales.  E-signature addresses this problem by making workflow more efficient. Real time tracking in the e-signature technology allows you to see the progress that is being made on the signing process (when the document is opened and signed). You can configure settings so that automatic reminders are sent to the signer. This removes the need for staff to spend energy on reminding signers of documents which require their signature. Time spent chasing after signatures in a traditional pen and paper signature process costs businesses unnecessary money, and deals can even be delayed by missing signatures.

E-signature can control the signing order; once a document is signed by one party, it is automatically forwarded to the next.  This process removes the need to organize meetings in order to have multiple parties sign a document.  What once took you weeks or months to accomplish can now be compacted into a fraction of that time.


Stop wasting time and money

Using e-signature decreases wasted time and money. Pen and paper signatures generate a lot of paper waste, which costs money that could be spent on growing the business instead.  In addition to paper waste, there’s also the high cost of printing and faxing.


Simplify your workflow

Manual signatures and paperwork cannot integrate with systems that your business is currently using, but e-signatures can!  This is a huge advantage because it means that e-signature simplifies business systems that are already in existence.  Once e-signature is adopted, business processes are streamlined.  E-signature is easy to use, and users will never want to go back to the inefficient ways of pen and paper signature.  Users can sign from any location, on a tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop.  This increase in mobility allows signatures to be completed quickly. Staff can focus their time on doing sales instead of administrative tasks.

What’s more is that e-signature makes the signing process enjoyable; many employees and customers say that they prefer e-signature to pen and paper signature because of how user-friendly it is.  It helps create a positive customer service experience.

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