Our Top 5 Business Automation Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

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Are you part of a small and medium business?  If so, you may be making some costly mistakes.  Small and medium businesses tend to de-prioritize marketing.
Even though marketing is an exceptionally important business function, it can be seen as expensive and challenging. But don’t worry, there is hope! We have comprised a list of our top 5 inexpensive and easy to use SME tools to help you and your business succeed. Check it out below and see which one works best for you! In our next posts, we’ll be taking about marketing automation when it comes to social media, advertising and more. Stay tuned.

1. Get Response

GetResponse is an all around accomplished marketing automation tool that can drastically improve the way you handle your emails. Its “workflow builder” makes it super-easy for you to build email templates, by using drag and drop features such as filters, actions and conditions. Once this is set up, emails can be sent after each trigger, such as newsletters, account activations, welcome emails, social media links, and anything else you want your user to see.
Additionally, GetResponse provides its users with great insights. For example, since you can see how many emails are being opened and read (and how many are being sent to the trash), you can judge how successful your email campaign is. This tool can also gather information on the number of visits your website gets, so you can improve your marketing strategy accordingly. Thankfully, this information is presented in a simple way, without overwhelming you with large amounts of unprocessed data… leaving you with the time and resources to focus on more important things, like growing your business!

2. Marketo

Marketing automation beginners rejoice, Marketo is a tool geared towards marketing automation newbies. This platform can successfully generate new leads for your business through building captivating landing pages and effective ads for attracting your target group. Marketo analyzes each lead based on its marketability options and possibilities, giving you a detailed report on each one and how you can use it in the future. Additionally, this tool provides you with a personalized web experience that works cross-platform (for newbies who are unaware, according to Wikipedia, cross-platform refers to software that is implemented on multiple computing platforms).

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a favourite among SMEs because of its predetermined recipes for successful campaigns. This tool provides a step-by-step guideline on how to improve your marketing campaign. HubSpot is well established and, consequently, has a wealth of knowledge backing its operations. As such, this tool can work as an SEO manager, giving you small tips on how to improve your sites overall ranking.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp was a given on this list, because of all of its unique features. This tool not only offers an automated way to build newsletters and emails by using drag and drop, but it’s also optimized for mobile devices. MailChimp’s multi-user features can cut your work time in half. Additionally, it also supports a number of mobile apps, such as MailChimpSnap and MailChimp Subscribe. Through these, you can send image based emails/infographics, and collect sign-ups online or offline, respectively. MailChimp is guaranteed to make your experience, and most importantly, your client’s experience a positive one.

5.  Customer.io

Customer.io allows you to send emails based on specific receiver agreements, and on your specific customer use-case. This tool is optimized for sending emails to free-trial users in order to keep them engaged and to motivate them to make a purchase.
Told you not to worry.
These simple, inexpensive, and multi-faceted tools can be easily integrated into your everyday life and business operations. Other important mentions include Zapier which makes it very easy to automate tasks between hundreds of web apps (a personal favourite). Lastly, Ziflow allows you to automate workflows between apps as well but this is more geared for marketing professionals.
Now that you have the base knowledge, explore the vast and rewarding potential of SME marketing and open a whole new world of possibilities!
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