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Implement Custom Fields using Tags

more tags
You can use the PUT Tags API to put these tags on your request, you can follow API Documentation section “2.19. PUT /documents/{id}/tags” for more information.
Alternatively you can put it in the one big call request as well, you already put a signature tag I guess, all you need to do is just change the value of ‘type’ field in the tag array. Below are codes for each tag types.
TEXT: 252,
RADIO: 254,
DATE: 255,
NOTE: 258
You just need put the corresponding value to the type field.
For redirection, one way to do this would be to put a button outside the iframe (i.e next/payment page), once the user clicks that button it sents the request to your server, which sends a Get document status request to signority to check if the signing is actually completed if the response shows that its completed your server can redirect the user to the proper payment/next page.
This section in API Documentation outlines the get document request “2.8. GET /documents/{id}”, the {id} portion is the document id which got from the response when you created a new document. If the “signingStatus” key in the response is ’53’ it means the document is completed (Page 17 of API Documentation), any other values means the document is not completed can you can return an error back to the user.

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