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Signing workflow without going to Email Inbox

1. In the form fill up page capture customer information such as Name, Email and any other text such as date/company name etc and post it to your server.

2. Once your server has the information, you need to send the document file and the information (Recipent Email, Name, etc) along with signature tags to Signority using a post request.

You can find information about sending a document in “4.3. One big API call – Full Document Post Example” section of our API Documentation, you can use this example to prepare and send document using one big request or break down the request into several smaller request such as (create document, upload file to document, add tags to the document, add recipients, send document).

3. Once post your document to signority you will get a ‘Document’ JSON response from our server which will contain information such Document Title, Sender Name, Signing Status etc. The structure of response is available in section “3.3. Document” of the API Documentation (Page 17).

4. The response in step 3 has a Invitation Array as shown in “3.10. Invitation”, the invitation array has a GUID, you will need the GUID to load the signing/invitation page (This is the same link you get in your email when a document is sent for you to sign). Form a invitation url using the GUID

https://sign.signority.com/UI/documentDesigner2.html?iid=<Put the GUID here>

5. Once your server gets the response from signority, grabs the GUID from the Invitation array and forms the invitation URL, have the server send it back to the client. The client can load the page in an iframe that way the user can sign the document in your website.

6. After the signing is completed you can detect it using javascript redirect/send the user the next page (i.e payment page).

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