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What are Digital Signatures?

A digital signature is a form of electronic signature that uses an encryption algorithm that helps validate participating signer’s identity.

The technology behind digital signatures ensures that the document cannot be tampered with, as the signature or legal document becomes invalid if the document is altered after signing.

What are Digital Signatures
Benefits of Digital Signatures

Benefits of Using Digital Signatures

Validation Ensure the validity of the signers

Tamper-proofing Protect your business’ reputation by tamper-proofing your critical documents through digital signatures

Non-repudiation Avoid the signer from denying having signed the signature and establish legitimacy through Signority’s digital signature audit trail

Digital Signature Audit Trails

Signority’s digital signature audit trail records and reports critical data points pertaining to your document’s transaction. These data points help verify the validity of the transaction.

The secured seal is native to Signority’s digital signature audit trail and is both, “Tamper-proof” and “Digitally Encrypted”. Meaning that, if the audit trail document was tampered with or edited in a third-party software, the seal would immediately break and be considered invalid.

Digital Signatures Audit Trails
Digital Signatures Hardware Security Module

Hardware Security Module

HSM Signority’s digital signatures use GlobalSign’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) to help store and manage the digital keys that are crucial in the digital signature process.

FIPS Signority is FIPS or Federal Information Processing Standard compliant, meaning that we meet all cryptographic module standard security requirements necessary to provide legally binding digital signatures.

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