Human. Beautiful. Simple.

We strive to learn from our past, challenge the present, and fight for a more productive future for SMEs.

Our Manifesto

The introduction of the internet was followed by drastic changes in the business world that significantly influenced the way businesses produced goods & services, promoted their products, and organized their operations.
Consumed by their own selfish agenda, the majority of the technology industry obsessively focused its efforts on supporting large corporations in achieving their goals— fueling corporations with tools that helped them capture markets, become more productive, and ultimately, extremely profitable — leaving behind the small businesses that are an undeniably critical component of, and major contributor to, the strength of our local economies.

Unfortunately, we were part of the majority. We lost our path and forgot what we originally fought for. So, in 2017, we refocused all of our resources, reconfigured our core product and realigned our path to fulfill our original mission: empower small businesses by producing a more human, simple, and beautiful solution.

We stand out by our uncompromising promise to make our solution — and all the tools we collectively built for large enterprises — affordable to every business owner out there, regardless of size and budget.

By introducing a humanistic approach to our design, we ensure that our solution will work for you — instead of the other way around, leaving you with more time on your hands to achieve your vision.

Finally, we are now dedicating all our resources to help empower small businesses and effectively contribute to strengthening our local economies.
At Signority, we strive to learn from our past, challenge the present, and fight for a more productive future — ensuring we always stay true to our mission: empowering small businesses through human, beautiful, simple and affordable solutions.