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Embracing Customer Success

Embracing Customer Success

How Signority Puts Customers First

October 19th, 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to streamline and automate their business processes and improve efficiency. One essential aspect of modernizing workflows is the adoption of electronic signatures. As more organizations transition to e-signature solutions, it becomes crucial for service providers to prioritize customer success. This is what Forbes had to say about the importance of Customer Success. At Signority, we understand the significance of adapting to our customers’ needs and ensuring their success as defined by their results. Throughout our 8 step onboarding process we highlight adaptation, need recognition and relationship building through product knowledge and training, ensuring our clients are capable of fully leveraging our tools and features. We include service and support adaptation to cater to the unique requirements of each client and their definition of success.

Our customer-centric approach is a recipe designed for client satisfaction and success. Throughout our time in business we have worked with countless customers and have been privy to their adoption processes, needs, workflows, etc. If there is one thing we have learned is that software needs to be adaptive and flexible in many ways, instead of strict and limiting. Our goal is to make our clients optimize their processes, increase their ROI, and reach new productivity levels. To do that we designed a solution that is meant to be adopted as part of an existing process, instead of a solution that demands its own set of rules. We paired that up with an 8 Step Onboarding process that seeks to ensure our clients are not only able to use our product to its fullest, but also to adopt it and test it in a short amount of time. This minimizes risks while working alongside change management practices. 

Where does this start?

Our recipe for success begins with a chat, an initial consultation, where we take the time to understand our clients’ specific goals, pain points, and workflow challenges. By actively listening to their needs, we can tailor our e-signature solution demo to meet their precise requirements and use cases. As we get to know their unique business processes, our team can discover the best way to adapt to said workflow, optimizing it in the meantime and increasing adoption rates all around. This ensures our demo is relevant and unique to each client, making it easy for them to visualize the effectiveness of our solution and how this affects their organization’s ROI. 

Then, we conduct a comprehensive needs assessment that is centered around the understanding that every business has unique workflows that drive their operations. This involves analyzing the existing workflows, identifying bottlenecks, and pinpointing areas where eSignatures can make the most significant impact. By conducting a thorough assessment, we can propose an e-signature implementation plan that aligns with our clients’ business objectives. Throughout this process we become change consultants working alongside our trusted clients.

Adapting a Solution to Existing Workflows and Infrastructure

This is when we jump to our product. As we recognize the importance of customization to fit our clients’ unique processes, Signority is designed to be highly flexible and customer friendly. By integrating our solution into their existing infrastructure, we ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to their daily operations. By adapting our solution to fit their specific needs, we help clients enhance efficiency, reduce manual errors, and expedite their document signing processes. Change management is pivotal to our client success, we understand how new solutions can have a significant impact in organizations which is why our focus is on mitigating adoption challenges.

Professional Training and Support

Our team of experts conducts in-depth training sessions, both for administrators and end-users, to ensure everyone understands the platform’s features, functionalities, and best practices. By equipping our clients with the necessary knowledge, we empower them to utilize Signority to its full potential. As they get to know the platform, together, we develop a plan to include it in their daily operations through customized workflows. An example of this is advising customers to revise templated paper forms and turn them into digital formats. 

Once the customized workflow is designed, we collaborate with our clients on a pilot program. This phase allows us to test the adapted e-signature solution in a controlled environment. Feedback and insights gathered during the pilot program enable us to fine-tune the solution further, ensuring it aligns perfectly with our clients’ expectations.

After successfully completing the pilot program, we move forward with the full implementation of our e-signature solution. Our dedicated support team works closely with our clients throughout this process, providing technical assistance and addressing any queries or concerns that may arise. We understand that a successful implementation is only the beginning of a long-term partnership.


Customer ROI Goes Beyond Initial Expectations

Signority offers an eSigning solution, but this product does so much more than that. It will improve efficiency across an organization in several ways, many, not even related to eSigning. Our comprehensive workflows with real time status notifications, team settings, dashboards, unique features, etc, make the entire document signing experience, an easy experience and becomes even more valuable after signature. 

Documents signed through Signority are court proof, making them legally binding and protecting your business from risk.  In the digital adoption age, non searchable documents are a roadblock and often diminish productivity while costing thousands of dollars in automation software and employee time. They are searchable inside our library, they will always be easy to find and available to see for your team. This makes our solution efficient and helps your team months or even years after signature has occurred. 

Signority focuses not only on signing documents, but on making them useful to you as a business in ways that will not only save time and money, but that will increase your ROI, productivity and efficacy as an organization. 

Focused on Building Long Term Relationships

Our commitment to customer success doesn’t end with implementation. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients and actively listening to them throughout our partnership. This is why we prioritize customer needs in our product roadmap, making sure our product growth, new features and developments will be useful and needed by our clients. We ask several of them to test our new features and validate them before launch. Including our clients in our product development process is why Signority can overcome adoption challenges, increase client’s ROI and optimize any workflow. 

Our dedicated customer success team remains readily available to address any issues, provide guidance, and help clients leverage new features and updates. By continually supporting our clients, we ensure they maximize the benefits of our eSignature solution as their businesses evolve. 

In today’s competitive landscape, an e-signature provider’s success lies in prioritizing customer success. Signority places customer needs at the forefront emphasizing workflow adaptation. By understanding our clients’ unique requirements, customizing our solution, and providing ongoing support, we empower businesses to streamline their processes and unlock the full potential of eSignatures. If you’re seeking a partner that puts your success first, we are here to partner with you every step of the way.

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