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Signority Child
& Family Services

Empowering Care Through Automated Processes and Workflows

Compassionate Care Meets Efficiency​

At Signority, we’re deeply attuned to the unique challenges of Child & Family Services organizations in Canada. Our mission is to deliver adaptive solutions that seamlessly automate and refine workflows. By optimizing each step, we ensure every child’s story is met with the swiftness, efficiency, and genuine care it deserves.

Efficiency Now: Ready-Made & Custom Templates

Immediately enhance efficiency with Signority’s pre-built templates for standard Child and Family Services documents, including consent forms and agreements. We also offer customized templates for your organization on day one.

Secure Hiring: Fast, Fraud-Proof Criminal Record Checks

We collaborate with Canadian police for fast, fraud-proof Criminal Record Checks.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Child & Family Services Document

Intake Forms – Rapidly process initial information, enabling faster response times.

Consent Forms – Digitally capture consents ensuring clarity, security, and quick retrieval.

Incident Reporting – Automate and manage therapy, custody, and service agreements with ease.

Assessment Forms – Simplify the process of logging and tracking any incidents or concerns.​ Digitize evaluations, from caregiver capacity to child welfare checks.​

Monitoring – Efficiently track progress, welfare checks, and ongoing assessments.​

Volunteer Applications – Streamline the process of gathering and evaluating potential volunteer profiles, ensuring a right fit for the organization.​

Criminal Record Check – Automate the submission and verification process, guaranteeing the safety and trustworthiness of individuals working with vulnerable populations.​

Signority streamlines the management of your vital documentation, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

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