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Learn about our latest feature rollouts.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Most Recent Release

Release 6.7.0
June 24th, 2024

Included in this release: 

  • Bulk Document Delete function added to Bulk Export
  • Customize one-time access code expiration for Signer ID Validation
  • Signature Tag Timestamp – you can now activate Regulatory Information which adds the Signers Name, a Time and Date stamp, and Document ID under the signature
  • Doc Admin Role Enhancements: new folder and permissions
  • Request Additional Signatures Fixed
  • General Bug Fixes and enhancements.

Past Releases

Release: version 6.6.1
May 6th, 2024

Features, Fun, & Fixes:

  • Feature Enhancements:
  • Various updates and bug fixes

Release: version 6.6.0
April 29, 2024

Features, Fun, & Fixes:

  • New features! Inquire with sales about enabling the below for your account
    • New Editor Recipient Role – give the first recipient the ability to review and make changes to a document before it reaches the next recipient in the signing order.
    • New eSeal Role – give a recipient the authority to place a electronic seal on the document that represents your organization’s department
  • We updated our document, template, inbox and contact pages with a fresher and contemporary look as part of our ongoing user interface update. This update revamps the pages colour palette, opting for more subtle tones that are easier on the eyes.
  • System enhancements
  • Various bug fixes

Release 6.5.0
January 15th, 2024

  • New features! Inquire with sales about enabling the below for your account
    • Ability to mask your email with a company group email
    • Delegating your signing authority to another person from your team
    • Customize the terms of electronic signature use to meet your company policies
  • Quality of life improvement
    • Monthly reports are generated each calendar month for quick reference
    • Bulk Export documents for backup
  • System enhancements
  • Various bug fixes

Release 6.4.0
November 20th, 2023

  • Support for PDF/a – Available for enterprise plans. (Inquire with sales about enabling this feature.)
  • System enhancements.
  • Ability to re-activate users
  • WCAG accessibility improvements

Release 6.3.3
September 10th, 2023

  • Security hardening
  • Various bug fixes
  • Minor UI/UX enhancements and fixes

Release 6.3.2
August 30th, 2023

  • Various bug fixes

Release 6.3.1
August 18th, 2023

  • Various bug fixes

Release 6.3.0
July 4th, 2023

  • Move multiple templates to a sub-folder as one group – New Feature
  • Use Shared Templates without having to make a copy for yourself first – New Feature
  • Group checkboxes together and require at least one be checked – New Feature
  • General Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • UI/UX Enhancements

Release 6.2.0
May 15, 2023

  • Conditional Tags issues resolved
  • Text in Dashboard tiles is now responsive
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • UI/UX Enhancements

Release 6.1.4
April 18th, 2023

  • SMS ID Verification Fix
  • Template Overlay Fix
  • Send document notification to senders feature is enabled by default
  • Other custom, feature, and design enhancements and fixes

Release 6.1.3
March 22nd, 2023

  • Multi-template documents may now be copied to a new template or document
  • System will no longer register you as not being logged in
  • Release pop up will stay closed after you click Okay
  • ‘Use Template’ will no longer result in an ‘undefined error’ for some templates
  • SSO login 
  • Backend Bug Fixes
  • UI/UX Enhancements

Release 6.1.2
March 13th, 2023

  • Reports Page Updated
  • Cancel and Resend Feature now takes you directly to the editor page for the new draft
  • Template Download fixed
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • UI/UX Enhancements

Release 6.1.1
February 6th, 2023

Release 6.1.0
January 23rd, 2023

Release: version 6.0.0
November 26th, 2022
  • New Dashboard Look
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • UI/UX Enhancements
Release: version 5.8.0
November 12th, 2022

Release 5.7.0
October 25th, 2022

Release 5.6.1
September 14th, 2022

Release 5.5.0
August 15th, 2022

Release 5.4.0
May 28th, 2022

Release 5.3.0
April 18th, 2022

Release 5.2.4
February 11th, 2022

  • Digital Signature enhancements
  • Show/hide password feature
  • Timed reset for locked out accounts
  • UI enhancements and bug fixes

Release 5.2.3
January 11th, 2022

Release 5.5.5
December 2 2021

  • Security reports to monitor user activities
  • New device login email notification
  • Security enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes and patches

Release 5.2.1
October 31 2021

  • Copy Formula for text tags – Enterprise level feature
  • Autosave enhancement
  • Patches and performance enhancements

Release 5.2.0
September 29 2021

  • Added a Number Tag
  • Additional Multi-Tag Editing Functionality
  • Bug fixes

Release 5.1.9
September 8 2021

Release 5.1.8
July 15 2021

Release 5.1.7
May 16 2021

Release 5.1.6
April 4 2021

  • Support WCAG Accessibility on Recipient end
  • Support individual file downloading of finalized documents, for electronically-signed only. For digitally-signed documents, please contact us for available plans

Release 5.1.5
March 28th, 2021

  • Added API Support for Fillable PDF Tag Import feature
  • Performance enhancements with the release of Ghostscript.

Release 5.1.4
January 31st, 2021

  • Allow default settings for Radio Button and Checkbox tags

Release 5.1.3
December 23rd, 2020

  • Support for Two Factor Authentication

Release 5.1.2
November 29th, 2020

  • Support Azure AD & on-premise AD SSO integration

Release 5.1.1
November 8th, 2020

  • Improved email notification text for document viewers

Release 5.1.0
September 13th, 2020

  • Bulk Sign Template bug fix
  • Template Link Preview feature for signers

Release 5.0.4
August 30th, 2020

Release 5.0.3
August 2nd, 2020

  • Email authentication enhancements:
    • PIN can be sent to a different email
    • PIN is automatically sent in a separate email
  • Removed document title from the top of each page in Signing Process

Release 5.0.2
July 19th, 2020

  • Bulk Sign bug fixes and enhancements

Release 5.0.1
July 6th, 2020

  • Dashboard Usage Report
  • Masked Text Tag Added
  • Me-Sign Enhancements

Release 5.0.0
April 14th, 2020

  • French Localization
  • Updates to Terms of Service and Terms of Use to prepare for the use of open source libraries iText 5 and Ghostscript.
  • New feature notifications
  • Anchor text feature
  • Copying other users on overage and invoice notifications
  • “Push” feature update
  • Signority Printer Driver release

Sprint 44 Release
November 19th, 2020

  • Integration with AWS S3 Bucket
  • Template Trash Bug fix
  • “Select All” Checkbox Bug fix
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