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Signitory’s eSignature Platform is About Trust

Our technology is built on security, privacy, compliance, integrity and reliability

Signority’s compliance certificates

Our customer compliance commitment:

Signority Inc. as a corporate entity will remain compliant with applicable legislation and regulation, as well as applicable security standards.

The infrastructure platform on which our Signority eSignature Platform operates, is compliant and certified against numerous security frameworks.

The Signority eSignature Platform will be safeguarded to allow our customers, as organizational entities, to remain compliant with legislation and regulation applicable to them.

We will be transparent about our compliance measures.

You can ask us questions about our compliance measures at any time.

Giving You and Your Signers Confidence

With Signority, your signed agreements and personal information are:

Strictly confidential to the parties involved

Protected throughout their information lifecycle

Created and maintained in accordance with legal compliance requirements

Integral, legitimate, non-repudiable, and tamper-resistent

Available 24/7 for access and validation


We use the latest strategies, approaches and techniques to manage security across our business. Our customer security commitments:

  • Your data always belongs to you

  • We will use modern, standardized approaches to protect your information

  • We will be transparent about how your data is managed and stored

  • You can ask us questions about security measures anytime


Protecting our customers’ business and personal data is tremendously important. Our privacy commitment:

  • Your data always belongs to you. You control it, Signority processes it for eSignature on your behalf

  • We will abide by our defined privacy principles

  • We will only use and share your data in ways that you have agreed to, in contract

  • We will not share your data with advertising services


Signority Inc. fully complies with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as valid contractual agreements related to information access.


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