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Is Signority a subsidiary and/or have any affiliation of any type with any entity outside of Canada?

Signority is 100% Canadian-owned and operated and does not have a parent nor subsidiaries.

Is Signority compliant with particular legislation?

Yes. Signority Inc. (i.e. the company) maintains compliance with applicable federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and industry standards including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Is the Signority eSignature Platform “certified” with certain legislation?

Signority is frequently asked if our Signority eSignature Platform is “compliant” or “certified” with specific legislation and associated regulations. It is important to understand that currently there are no legislative programs to assess technology solutions’ third-party compliance with legislation or regulations or to provide certification. 

The Signority eSignature Platform (SeSP) through the security and privacy controls and practices, as well as electronic signing controls and practices that it has implemented is compliant with all relative privacy protection legislation, as well as electronic signing controls and practices that it has implemented. This includes compliance with PIPEDA, provincial privacy protection legislation, provincial health information protection legislation, provincial eCommerce and eSigning legislation and other related legislation such as Ontario’s Child, Youth and Family Services Act (CYFSA), 2017.


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