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Uploading Files

POST: /v1/documents/{docID}/files.html

Add files to an existing document


JSON <multipart/related>


URL Parameters
None (Replace docID with the document’s ID)


Data Parameters

Field Mandatory Type Description
addTagsOfPDF Yes Boolean Convert PDF tags to Signority tags
addAnchorTags Yes Boolean Add anchor tags to the document
highDisplayResolution Yes Boolean Contact us for more information about the high resolution option
Files No JSONArray Array of files to be uploaded to the document
files File  A particular file to be uploaded

Response returns a response containing the information on the files that were added or an error response


Response Parameters

Field Mandatory Type Description
success Yes Boolean True if the request was successful, False otherwise
id Yes Integer ID for the individual files
name Yes String The name of the file
size Yes String The size of the individual files

data =
    "addTagsOfPDF": False,
    "addAnchorTags": False,
    "highDisplayResolution": False,
files =
    ('files', open('blank.pdf', 'rb')),
    ('files', open('blank.pdf', 'rb'))
requests.post("https://sign.signority.com/api/v1/documents/10000/files.html", files=files, data=data, auth=(apiKey, ""))
    'files': [
            'id': 28402,
            'name': 'blank.pdf',
            'size': '4 Kb'
            'id': 28403,
            'name': 'blank.pdf',
            'size': '4 Kb'
    'success': True