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Custom Usage Warning

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Available with: All Team Plans

Signority sends out a usage warning notification to all plans when you have used 80% of your subscriptions document package amount.  For example, if you are on the Starter Plan you receive 120 documents for the year.  Once you have used 96 document packages (80%) you will receive an email notification that you have used 80% of your allotment. 

With the custom usage warning feature you can choose to set to receive the usage warning email when you have a specific number of document packages left in your account. 

Customize Your Usage Warning

  1. Click on Admin at the left hand side of the User Dashboard

  2. From your Admin Dashboard click on the Users & Teams icon from left sidebar menu

  3. In the horizontal menu select ‘Global Settings
  4. A modal window will appear, scroll down to the bottom and look for “Documents remaining before notification is sent
  5. As indicated above the default setting is 80% of usage.  To update this click on the dropdown menu (1) and change the % to Documents.  Then in the box to the left enter the number of documents you want to have remaining in your account to trigger the usage notification email (2).  I have entered 150. When I only have 150 document packages remaining I will receive the email notification letting me know it is time to either top up, or upgrade, my account.
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