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Global Security Settings

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Available with: Team Plans              Role: Super Admin


Security Settings

Here you can set security settings for your team and sub-teams. 

These settings include:

  1. Session logout time: allows you to set how long a session may remain inactive until it automatically logs out the user.  You can choose to have the logout period set to minutes, hours, or days.
  2. Expiration timing for SMS code – (coming soon): set a time limit for any one-time access codes sent for 2FA/MFA and ID Verification. 
  3. Admin Security Notifications: (coming soon)
  4. Enforce 2FA/MFA for your users: this setting allows you to enforce your users to use 2FA/MFA to login.
  5. Enable/disable new device login notifications: will send all users an email if someone signs into their account from a new device.

Security Settings

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