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Resend Documents to Signers

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Sometimes, a signer makes a mistake or notices something isn’t right with the document. In these cases, it’s easy to make minor changes and resend documents to signers while the document is In Progress.

Creating Drafts to Resend Documents

To start with, go to the Documents page using the Navigator on the left. Find the document you need to resend and use the checkbox to bring up more options above. Select the More option. Alternatively, you can go straight to the right arrow to bring up all the settings for the document.
resend documents from the Documents page
In the settings, select Copy as New Document.
copy in progress documents as new resend documents
In the following prompted window, select the Create a new document option and then click the Duplicate button.
create a new document duplicate to resend
This will generate a new draft of the In Progress document. Click on the draft title. You’ll be redirected to the Editor page again.
edit the new draft document
Click on the Edit link next to Recipients to change the Roles to the correct signers again.
edit the recipients to correct signer errors
Make sure that you’re replacing the existing roles in order to transfer the tag assignments to the right signers.
replace the roles with the signer information to resend documents
Once you’re finished editing the recipients, click Save. Notice how the tags are automatically assigned to the replaced signer. Make any other changes you need to the tags or tag settings and then click Next to resend documents whenever you need.
tags automatically reassigned

Things to Note

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