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Signature Tag Feature Overview

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This article will review the different features that are available to the Signature Tag. 

The Signature is used to capture the signature of your recipients on a document.  A signature may be submitted by the recipient by uploading and image, typing a signature, or drawing a signature using a finger or stylus.  

 The tag, seen in the image below, when clicked on will have a menu will three icons appear on top and three dots on the bottom right of the tag. 

Signature Tag Overview1. X: will delete the tag

2. Gear: will open the advanced features window

3. Recipient Drop Down Menu: Allows you to change the recipient the tag is assigned to

4. Three Dots: Click your mouse on these dots, hold, and drag your mouse to resize the tag.


In the Advanced Features modal window that pops up you will find the following options:

Signature Tag Overview numbered

  1. Name: Give the tag a name to identify it, this is helpful if you export the document data.  
  2. Saved Conditions: If applicable this allows you to set conditions on when, how, or if the tag is used. Currently there is no condition that uses the Signature tag. 
  3. Required: Check this box to make the tag Required for mandatory signing.  
  4. IF: This dropdown menu will list all the checkboxes in the document and allow you to make the Signature Tag mandatory, or optional, depending on your selection. 
  5. Regulatory Information: Checking this box will apply a timestamp and GUID information appear underneath the signature. 


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