How to Save Documents as PDF/A

What is a PDF/A file?

PDF-A files are the globally accepted standard for archiving electronic documents, enabling the consistent viewing of documents in their original format across various software platforms.

Standards PDF’s (Portable Document Format), are a standardized electronic document format which facilitates a reliable presentation and exchange of documents. The appended ‘A’ stands for ‘Archival,’ underlining PDF/A’s commitment to preserving content in its original form and prohibiting features unsuitable for long-term archiving.

Incorporating all elements of a document, including content, fonts, and colour information within the file, ensures that the document retains its original appearance and can be faithfully reproduced, regardless of the device used.

Save as a PDF/A

*Note: Available for enterprise plans. (Inquire with sales about enabling this feature.)

To save documents as a PDF/A file once it is completed, open Signority, then navigate to the ‘Admin Console’ and go to ‘Settings.’ The Global Settings pop-up will appear, and under the ‘Document’ section, select the dropdown for ‘PDF type output for finalized documents’. Choose PDF/A-2b and click save in the top right.

Your documents will now be saved as a PDF-A once they are finalized.