Enabling Auto-Search for Anchor Text

Available with:
Standard Team & Custom Plans         Users: All Users (if activated by Admin)

Save time by enabling the auto-search feature for Anchor Text. This will allow you to skip having to remember to check the box “Add tags automatically based on anchor text” when creating  a new document or template.

Note: You must be a Billing Admin or Super Admin in order to enable/disable this feature.

How to enable auto-search for anchor text:

  1. In your Sidebar menu select Admin.
  2. Click Settings in the Admin Console sidebar menu and then Global Settings.  

    Settings >> Global Settings

  3. Once your Global Settings modal window pops up select Document (1).
  4. In the list of options enable the “Enable “Anchor Text” import by default when adding new files” option, as seen below (2).

    Enable anchor text auto-search

  5. Click Save on the top right of the Global Setting window.

Doing this will auto-check the “Add tags automatically based on anchor text” option in both the new document and template creation processes, as seen below.