Template Settings: Signer View (Signer Options)

Available with: All Plans                   Available to: All Users


To update Template settings:

  1. Go to your Templates Folder
  2. Select the type of Template you want to update (regular, template link, bulk sign)
  3. Click on the name of the template you want to update

  5. In the template’s document design page click on Edit beside Settings in the lefthand sidebar menu
    Template settings Edit

  7. In the window that pops up, go to the settings you want to update, I’ve chosen Signer Views in the example below. If a setting you wish to update is locked, as is the case with the Hide Download Button option below, you will have to ask an Admin to unlock it for you.
    Template Settings Signer Views

  9. Once the option has been unlocked update the setting and then click Save as seen below.
    Template settings Updated and saved

  11. Once you have completed this task in all the Templates you need to update ask the Admin to relock any settings they had unlocked for you in the process.