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This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) for the SIGNORITY eSignature Platform (the “Services”) sets forth the support service levels for the applicable Subscription Tier of Services to which You have subscribed. This SLA for the Services shall not apply to any Services to which a separate service level agreement is explicitly set forth in an applicable Order Form or for which the applicability of this SLA is explicitly excluded in an applicable Order Form. Terms used but not defined herein shall have the respective meanings given to them in the Terms of Use.

Support Table

Support Feature

Individual Plan

Starter Plan

Pro Plan


Log a Support Ticket

Online Knowledge Base Access

Online Video Tutorials

Online Chatbot


Phone Support


Severity 1 Issue Support Hours (Log a  Ticket)





Support Hours – Not Severity 1







Negotiated SLA

Production Data Backup Retention

30 days

30 days

30 days

30 days

Issue Classification


Dedicated Customer Experience Manager


Required Monthly Availability





Product Update Advanced Notice

48 hours

48 hours

1 week

2 weeks


Signority will provide the following support as part of the Services. Such services are available to Your employees, contractors, and authorized personnel.
Time zone


1st line Support level 1st line Response time
9am -8pm EST (Mon-Fri)
  1. Priority: Enterprise & other high usage clients
  2. Team Plans – until resolved
  3. Individual plan: up to 5 conversations for local issue
  4. Free: Knowledge Base & Video Tutorials
Normal support issues personal response timelines:
  • Enterprise & High Usage clients <=60 minutes
  • Team and Individual Plans <= 2 hours
Urgent Issues: Immediately response
8pm – the next day 9am  EST (Mon-Fri + weekends + holidays)
  1. Enterprise customers
  2. High usage team plan customers and high usage team trial users
  • <= 4 hours or SLA
  • Urgent: immediately

Help Desk Support

Our support help desk (“Help Desk”) is available eleven (11) hours a day, five (5) days a week, during the work week (Monday – Friday) on a global basis. Support is provided in the English language.

You may create a Support Ticket at https://www.signority.com/support-center or call Support Line, if available in a negotiated SLA.  Support Tickets are not closed until Signority has resolved the issue to your reasonable satisfaction.

By submitting a support request to the Signority Customer Experience team, you are authorizing the Signority Customer Experience Support team to download or copy any data necessary for troubleshooting the reported issue. Should our team require direct access to your account and any affected documents, the Customer Experience representative will always request permission. If denied, we will explain the consequence of the restrictions, and respect your decision.  

We will NOT proceed into your account to resolve the issue until we have received written permission specifying permission to access your account and/or documents.  If you have any concerns about this authorization, please contact your Signority Customer Experience Manager.

Emergency Support

We will provide emergency maintenance and support services for those failures or nonconformities which impair you from being able to process any documents at all. To ensure the quickest possible response you will notify Log a Support Ticket and, in your negotiated SLA, contact your Customer Experience Manager to notify them of the ticket.

As soon as possible after receiving the ticket we will contact you to confirm the issue, troubleshoot the issue with you, and if necessary escalate the issue.  All Service Level Objectives (Response Time and Resolution Time) are expressed in our Severity Level Table below.  

Solution Availability

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Uptime shall be 99.9%, calculated monthly using the  defined Uptime Percentage calculation. This Service commitment does not apply to any Unavailability that results from any Scheduled Maintenance.

Recovery Objectives

In the case of data loss, the following objectives are expected from the Supplier: 

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO): 1 hour 
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO):  4 hours

Support Response and Resolution Objectives

Severity Level Table 1 defines what constitutes each severity level. 

Severity Level Table 2 illustrates Signority’s Response Time Objectives and Resolution Time Objectives based on the issue Severity Level. 

Severity Level Table 1


Severity LevelDefinition
Severity 1Services are unavailable for all Users
Severity 2Services prevent clients from executing one or more critical business processes for a substantial number of Users, or Services are usable with limited capabilities and/or intermittent interruptions which have serious business Impact.
Severity 3Services disrupt important business processes for less than a substantial number of Users. No reasonable workaround available.
Severity 4Disruption of important business processes where a workaround is available or functionality is not imperative to Your business operations. Disruption does not have a significant impact on Your business operations, but may impair nonessential functions of the Services or adversely affect the use of the Services. Reasonable workaround is available.
Severity 5User Error – An issue that can be resolved by sending the user an already available Knowledge Base article or online video tutorial.

Severity Level Table 2

Issue SeverityResponse Time ObjectiveResolution Time Objective
Severity 11 hour or less4 hours or less 
Severity 21 hour or less24 hours
Severity 31 hour or less3 days
Severity 41 hour or less5 days
Severity 51 hour or lessN/A (resolution not guaranteed)

Issue Escalation

Issue SeverityOptionTimeline
Severity 1Rollback or Hotfix

Rollback =  Immediate

Hotfix = 1-3 days

Severity 2Hotfix or Patch

Hotfix = 1-3 days

Patch = 3-5 days

Severity 3

Patch (no workaround) or 

Current Sprint Release 

Patch = 3-5 days

Up to 6 weeks

Severity 4Next Sprint Release (workaround in place)Up to 3 months
Severity 5N/AN/A

Support Ticket

Here is a sample support ticket confirmation email: 

Support Email Sample