Signority Legal Overview


Signority Inc. fully complies with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as with valid contractual agreements, related to information access. The following provides guidance for our customers and third-parties, such as law enforcement or the media, when requesting information under various circumstances.


Signority may disclose business and personal information in response to valid requests in accordance with our Terms of Use, enterprise customer contracts, Data Processing Agreements, Privacy Statement, other agreements as well as official, valid and applicable subpoenas, search warrants or other court orders. Signority may also release general, non-sensitive, public information in support of media requests.

Information Sources and Information Release Process

Before requesting information about a particular organization (i.e. customer) or their user(s) from Signority, requestors should first approach the Signority customer involved, where applicable, because the customer initiates all eSigning related transactions and holds the original ‘source of truth’ related to the information requested. As well, due to encryption processes, it may be impossible for Signority to scan, search or retrieve particular customer information, whereas customers will have access to such information through their Signority eSignature Platform administrative console.

Signority does not disclose customer information in response to government requests unless we’re required to comply with a legally valid and binding order. Unless prohibited from doing so or there is clear indication of illegal conduct in connection with the use of Signority services, Signority will notify its customers before disclosing information.

Should a requestor still require Signority Inc. to provide certain information, the requestor should formally serve Signority Inc. with a legal order to our corporate headquarters address found at The request should clearly identify the Signority customer and user(s), as well as include sufficient information about the nature of the information being requested. Such access requests should not be sent via email, although initial non-sensitive information may be initiated by sending a brief overview of the request to The requestor can also contact us at the phone numbers listed at

Should Signority Inc. receive such a legal order and before releasing any information it will confer with its customer(s) involved in accordance with contractual requirements, unless prohibited from doing so by law.

Signority may disclose certain information pursuant to an emergency disclosure request when it believes in good faith that imminent injury or death is at risk.

Signority may disclose certain information pursuant to an emergency disclosure request when it believes in good faith that imminent injury or death is at risk.

Signority may request reimbursement of costs incurred responding to requests for information as provided by legislation or regulation, or as required to support substantive requests. In such instances, Signority will provide an estimate of costs and obtain approval before proceeding.

Customers should consult their own legal advisors to understand the legislation and regulation to which they are subject.

Agreements and Terms

If you have any specific legal questions please email