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Excellent program! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This software has made our lives, as well as our clients lives, easier! No need to access a fax machine or printer. Signatures are literally now at our fingertips!!
Corinne Robinson
Mason Agencies Insurance Ltd

Job Well Done 👍🏻👍🏻

When I have a had a problem it was dealt with promptly and satisfactorily. I love using signority, it has made my job easier getting documents signed quickly and without much disruption to clients or myself.
Pamela Koenig
CSR, Ing & Mckee Insurance Ltd Insurance

Signority is a win-win for our office as well as our clients! 👏🏻👏🏻

It’s extremely simple to use on both sides of the process. It adds a “wow” factor when our clients find out that we have this option and how easy it is to use.
The only issue I’ve come across is the emails to clients sometimes go to their spam folders or get rejected, but otherwise no complaints! Recommendations to others considering the product I highly recommend Signority. When we first signed up with them we sent in a few suggestions that would make our business run smoother and within a few months the suggestions had been taken and included in their latest update! You don’t come across this often in an organization. Signority is definitely worth checking out!
Far more efficient in writing new business and it saves time and is less of a hassle for our clients!
Andrew S.
Insurance Broker, Operations Manager at Costen Insurance

Paperless office 🚫 📄 = 😃

This is an easy way for customers to be able to sign without printers and scanners, makes my job easier.

Grace Sawan
Ing & McKee Insurance

Great product 👊🏻

I find there is great value in this product, it allows me to get the job done when there are no other options. It is easy to use for myself and my clients. I haven’t had any clients not able to figure it out.
Jenna Edinga
Broker, Ing & McKee Insurance Insurance

Easy and convenient 🤘🏼

I like the new version of sending a letter to sign by Signority. It is easier than the old way.
It is a quick, easy and convenient way to obtain a client’s signature for any insurance company that accepts it.

Debbie Wry
Cooke Insurance Ltd.

Quick and efficient 🕑 👍🏻

I use this for Insurance applications. I find it quick and efficient to use.

Tanya McPeak
New Business Specialist, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Insurance

Easy to use! 👏🏻

I really like the program and the ease of getting signed documents back from our clients is extremely easy.

Jeanne Chartrand
Insurance Supervisor, Lucas & Wright Insurance Services

Doing Business in 21st Century 

I use this for completing documents for my clients that are not able to make it into my office. Being in Alberta a lot of my business focusses on Oil Field Workers who just do not have time to drop by as they are at “camp”.
Quick and Easy – just scan a form and send it for completion.
Colin Bell
Personal Lines Broker, I&M Insurance

Ease of Doing Business 📈 ✍️

This software has allowed me to provide clients prompt service and our clients have enjoyed using this system. I strongly recommend this service to all that require signatures gathered and the necessary documentation to support digital signatures.
Fast, efficient, excellent supporting documentation.
Eric Gagne
Agent, Town & Country Mutual Insurance

Great Stuff! 😃

Signority works great for our office. It’s wonderful, it allows me to be more efficient. Great Stuff!

Jordan White
Account Executive, Caldwell Roach Insurance

Great Software ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not much to say other than as a broker it makes my life and many others much, much easier when it comes to obtaining signatures.
User interface is designed in a way that makes Signority very simple to use.
David Cooke
Insurance Broker, Cooke Insurance

Great!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Very easy to use, allows me to help my clients when they are not able to provide their signature another way.

Shelley O’Meara
Personal Insurance Broker, Cooke Insurance Agency Ltd.

Good service 👍🏻 ✍️

I like how easy it is to navigate the service of online document signing. The staff are friendly and easy to work with.
We have realized that this service saves us a lot of time by getting signatures sign over the phone electronically through a link vs faxing, mailing, or scheduling face to face appointments to capture signatures.
Anthony S.

Excellent Customer Support 🎗

Enough controls in place ensuring safe use – especially being cloud based.
Have not implemented company wide yet but attempting to resolve ‘chasing’ people for signatures.
Sean M.

Major Time Saver  🕑 🙌🏻 😀

Getting things signed can be a huge pain. People are busy, they get the email or fax and will “do it later when they have time”. Then they don’t. Or they forget. The one thing that almost everyone has is a smart phone and an email account. That is all they need. Get the email, open it, sign it, done. This program turns days of follow up and phone calls into a few minutes. I wish I had this years ago. Fast, easy. Allows me to be more productive since I don’t have to waste time once the signature request is out with the program. I also like the auto-stalk feature (auto email follow up). I like the loading messages. Always makes me smile.

Kevin Hallet
Insurance Broker, Ing & McKee Insurance Ltd.



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