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Increase customer satisfaction and retention by providing an easy to use, intuitive workflow

Increase sales and revenue by ensuring fast turnaround time and minimizing overhead

Eliminate document-related activity costs, such as printer/ink, couriers  & administrative efforts

Full compliance with national and international laws. Our audit trails allow for non-repudiation and are court admissible.

Have peace of mind with the highest level of security through Signority’s patented cloud digital signature.

Go paperless and save money while significantly decreasing your carbon footprint.
Go digital today.

Signority Digital Signature Solutions

Easily sign documents, wherever you are

Save time by eliminating the requirement for a signer to be in a face-to-face meeting to action a document, and provide recipients with a way to sign documents without having to access a printer & scanner.
Most of our clients see an 80% reduction in contract turn around time.

Your automated
personal assistant

Usually the sender of documents needs to create follow-up tasks and remember to action those task e.g. call to follow-up, schedule email. With our platform, all of the follow-up is automated, you set it once and we do all the heavy-lifting for you. We even distribute final copies of the document to everyone once it’s been fully executed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from switching to digital signatures?

By offering a digital signature solution, you can provide customers, clients, stakeholders, and hires with an efficient, secure method of completing documents.

With digital signature documents, you can reduce the time it takes to complete applications, obtain approvals, finalize hires, close deals and execute agreements, anywhere, anytime.

Does the online signature need to be identical to a handwritten version?

No, your electronic signature does not have to be identical to your handwritten signature. The law recognizes that electronic signatures will not be identical to handwritten signatures. Any mark you make is legally valid

Are digital and electronic Signatures legal?



The Canadian government recognizes electronic signatures. It is up to each individual to exercise free-will when deciding whether to use them or not. The law will recognize these signatures as being valid unless a given law states otherwise.

The key with any signature is to show that you intended to make this signature. Therefore, Signority provides a legal medium to sign electronic documents given that it can permanently mark an electronic document with your signature.

In Canada, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) must be consulted for further requirements as to specific types of documents, such as affidavits or government documents. Generally, however, Part II of PIPEDA takes care not to prohibit electronic signatures and gives a broad definition of how one can legally sign electronically. Some provinces have equally legislated in the area of electronic signatures, such as Ontario’s Electronic Commerce Act, which recognizes that electronic signatures fulfill any legal requirements for signing general documents.

United States

In the United-States, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act) was inspired by the neutral approach favored by the UN Model Law on Electronic Commerce. The E-Sign Act generally allows for electronic signatures and prohibits the States from imposing restrictions on the technology used to sign electronically.

Any user of Signority can rest assured that electronic signatures are generally accepted in North America and globally wherever the UN Model Laws have had an influence.

It is recommended, however, to seek legal advice on signing certain types of official documents (ie. government documents) given that legislation and legal requirements are constantly changing.

Can the document be manipulated by one of the parties after signing? How is this recorded?

Once one of the parties signs and finalizes the document they are not granted further access to the document. This is recorded in the Document Certificate. The Document Certificate is attached to the document and saves information about the documents life cycle. It records all edits, signatures and finalizations of the document.

Do I need to register for a Signority account before signing?

No, you don’t need to register a Signority account before signing.

If you are a document signer or a general template signer, we will send you an email to the address provided by the document sender. You can retrieve the document by clicking on the link embedded in the email.

If you are an open link signer, you can simply go to the link provided by the publisher to retrieve the document. Before accessing the document, you need to provide your name and email address in order to receive future notice from Signority regarding the document status.

Are my documents available for download at any time?


From within your documents folder you can access and download any documents you have created at any time.

What our customers are saying

  • We have had an 80% reduction in turnaround time for applications. We're not waiting around for paperwork, so we can get to the next piece of business right away.

    Andrew Shareski Costen & Associates
  • Our customers are very happy, we've been able to provide a very easy eSignature solution. It's simple for our team, and our customers are thrilled with their experience. And the security is awesome.

    Katherine Deslisle Mason Agencies
  • As a transactional lawyer, Signority has dramatically streamlined my process for gathering signatures from multiple parties. The product is saving my firm and our clients’ time and money that used to be spent on putting together and distributing signature packages, chasing parties for signatures, and compiling completed, signed documents

    Lindsay Clark Lawyer