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Canadian laws about e-Signature are changing!

We know for sure that the legal foundation exists for the use of e-signatures in Canada both federally and provincially.  So how do Canadian laws apply to e-signature?  First of all, both Federal and provincial laws can be applied to determine the legal validity of e-signature.  However, contract law in Canada is a matter of provincial law, so in most cases e-signature is considered within the legal framework of the provincial law. Contract law is used the same way for electronic documents as it is for paper documents. All of the provinces and territories also have their own electronic commerce laws.  This is why it’s important to know what laws and regulations there are specific to your province.Continue reading

How Does e-Signature Fit Into the Financial Sector?

e-Signature in the Financial Sector

Missing Opportunities in Finance

The opportunities for the use of e-signatures in the financial sector are endless.  E-signatures are useful for account openings, loan applications, credit card applications, increasing staff productivity, and so much more. Many companies in the financial sector have been able to reduce the steps that it takes to complete a transaction by switching to e-signature. With Signority’s e-signature solution, companies can eliminate the need to prepare and mail paper packages, and to chase after customers for signatures. All documents are stored on Signority’s application.  This reduces the time that it takes for the company to complete a transaction.  

E-Signatures Improve Customer Satisfaction

It also makes the transaction easier on the client’s side, as they can sign remotely as long as they have a mobile phone or laptop.  Customer satisfaction with the overall transaction process increases by a lot due to being able to sign a document without the hassle of printing, scanning, and faxing.  Signority’s application is easy to use, and the signer can sign by drawing their signature with a mouse, a finger on a touch screen, by typing their name, or uploading an image of their signature.
Costs are greatly reduced because companies no longer need to pay for the shipping of documents, and for the huge amount of paper that was once used.  E-signatures makes the whole process easier, faster, less expensive, and more convenient.  Signority’s e-signature seamlessly integrates with any company’s financial processes because it simplifies and removes steps in the transaction process rather than removing them.  All of this does not come at the cost of security or authentication.  E-signatures afford financial institutions the security they need, the signer can easily be verified through an audit trail which tracks the IP address, date and time of signing and viewing, and opening of the document.

Why eSignature is the Best Tool For Improving Business Efficiency


Improving Business Efficiency With eSignatures!

The pace of business is faster than ever before. People expect quick action in two-way paperwork flows. With efficiency becoming increasingly important in the modern corporate world, finding the right tools to streamline business is crucial.  There are many ways that eSignature can improve the efficiency of your business, and we all know what efficiency means- accelerated business expansion.
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