Signority’s electronic signature solution is a great fit for the insurance industry because it helps agents and brokers provide better service to their customers while saving money.  eSignatures make transactions more efficient, which means that insurance brokers are free to spend their time pursuing new leads and serving current customers rather than doing administrative tasks such as putting together paper packages, and chasing customers for signatures.

Secure Signature Evidence

Document evidence (signature on the document), and process evidence allow e-signatures to be traceable, and more secure than a signature on paper, which can be forged.  Process evidence is captured through multiple interactions that the signer has with the document. This includes captured IP addresses, dates, and times for actions such as opening, viewing, and signing included in a document certificate.  The document sender can check the process evidence at any point through their account.  When the document is complete, everyone included in the process will receive an email with the finalized copy, and a document certificate attached.

Integrates Into Current Processes

You won’t need to change your current processes because Signority seamlessly integrates with your existing ones.  View the documents online, and then click the fields to fill in the required information.  Customers do not require an account to be able to sign. With customizable branding, Signority allows you to promote your own brand.  This is important, because if the customer doesn’t recognize the email as being from your own company, they may be reluctant to sign. You can also save frequently used documents as templates so that you will no longer need to prepare each document individually.

Sales Benefits

The longer documents are left, the higher the chance of losing the sale. Closing business quickly is key.  Getting signatures on paper is slow, expensive, and time-consuming. And with signatures on paper, the signer must print it, sign it, and fax or mail it back.  This is a lot of effort compared to the one-step process that Signority offers. And, unlike with e-signatures, signing on paper can lead to missed fields.  E-signatures allow for the elimination of incomplete documents because forms can’t be submitted until they’re complete.  Signority provides great customer service experience with its user-friendly interface, and signers won’t need their own account in order to sign.

Try out eSignatures today with Signority’s 14-day free trial!

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