When managing people and employees, there’s always a lot of paperwork involved. New employees need to sign contracts, contractors need to sign agreements, and every year staff might need to sign acknowledgement forms. If you’re managing a large number of employees, all the paperwork can pile up. It takes a huge effort to sort everything out and make sure that all the forms are in place. Not to mention the mistakes that people make when filling out a form. It could be missing a mandatory field, or filling something in with the wrong type of information. Mistakes like these just make life harder for everyone. That’s where an eSignature tool like Signority comes into play.

Standard Forms/Contracts

For standard forms or contracts that don’t change regardless of who is signing the contract, a feature like the Signority eSignature Template is what you’re looking for. By setting up a form as a template, you’ll be able to instantly access and send the form to anybody who needs to sign. If there are multiple administrators in your organization who also need to use the form, you can set up the form as a template once, then share it with everyone who needs to use it. Just make sure that all your coworkers are in the same eSignature account team as you are.

The great thing about a feature like Signority’s eSignature Template is that you can set up a custom workflow for each of your forms. For example, let’s say you have a contractor work agreement form. For this form, you need to have the contractor sign first, and then have an authorized representative from your company sign. You can set this workflow up in the Regular Template by adding two recipients, and then assigning an order for them. This way, you can easily set up any contract signing process as an eSignature Template.

Acknowledgement Forms

Sometimes a form needs to be sent to hundreds or thousands of employees at the same time. An example of this might be a policy acknowledgement form that all staff need to sign. In this case, a feature like the Signority Bulk Sign feature is the thing to use. A bulk signing feature can save your organization hours or even days of work. You can electronically send hundreds of copies of forms at once just by uploading a list of recipient names and emails to your eSignature application. Reporting features also allow you to manage all the forms sent out in one place. You can instantly search for who has yet to sign the document, and even see what each person has inputted into the form.

Signority’s Bulk Sign feature also allows you to build custom workflows for your form, just like any other eSignature document.

Save time by reducing errors

With an eSignature tool, you’ll be able to mark certain fields as “Mandatory” and others as “Optional”. Since the signing process happens on the eSignature app, the app will be able to enforce these mandatory fields. That means that your signer won’t be able to send back the document to you without filling in these fields.

eSignature tools also offer different types of fields, such as text fields, number fields, dropdown menus, radio buttons, and more, to ensure that the recipient is inputting the right type of information. The last thing you want is for your signer to put in their name where their phone number is supposed to be.

Using these features, you’ll drastically cut down on the amount of time both you and your recipient spend on signing a contract. No more going back and forth trying to get forms completely properly.

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