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A Solution to Cost Cutting: Move to eSignature

The global economy has experienced a significant depreciation in recent months. Companies are now forced to cut costs where they can. The tech industry, one that has seen rapid growth in recent years, is facing mass layoffs and hiring freezes

Major companies like Apple, Google, and Meta have lost trillions of dollars amid the stock market crisis. Simply put, companies are struggling. While major enterprises are generally well-equipped to handle an economic downturn, many companies are not so fortunate. 

So, what’s the solution? While placing a freeze on hiring is certainly one way to cut costs, it’s just as important to consider trimming overhead. For most companies, the costs associated with document execution can be quite expensive. 

Some companies still go with the traditional method of printing documents, obtaining signatures, and scanning them in. Others have opted for a simpler method, such as automating documents and signing workflows using services like Docusign. 

Whatever the case may be, the above approaches are not always the most cost-effective. Fortunately, Signority offers a high value and cost-effective service (and DocuSign alternative) that saves customers both time and money.

Cutting costs with digital signing...

Signority is a cloud-based eSignature service provider that simplifies document signing without having to opt for the traditional, time-consuming print/sign/scan method. 

Signority is a great DocuSign alternative primarily due to its pricing structure. While DocuSign pricing is around $35 CAD per month per user for a standard plan, users can purchase a similar plan from Signority for just $30 CAD per month for unlimited users. Interested parties can get started with a free trial now.

With a subscription to Signority, users not only have a way to automate their document signing workflows, but they can also ensure documents are always maintained in a way that provides top-level security and confidentiality. This is made possible by storing all customer data in Canada, a country known to be a leader in security and privacy. 

In addition, Signority’s recipient controls feature adds another layer of security by allowing subscribers to restrict actions such as changing signers or viewing/downloading a document after it has already been executed. Other ways to Increase security include a multi-factor authentication option and masked text (used to hide sensitive information such as SINs/SSNs or birthdays).

...while improving the customer experience

For those considering transitioning to an e-sign service, it’s a great alternative to traditional methods and a great way to improve the customer experience. For example, due to the Covid-19 pandemic there is a hesitancy by many to travel to an office, or anywhere public, just to sign a contract.

Others simply find it inconvenient because they have used e-sign methods in the past and find them much more efficient and secure. Think about it. Less shuffling documents through multiple hands leads to better confidentiality and less room for error. No more missing documents! 

Even further, workloads have doubled for companies that have needed to implement mass layoffs. Automation with a platform like Signority is a cost-effective, fast option to ensure both customer and employee satisfaction.

Cost savings for all

Signority is not just an effective solution for small business owners; it also helps large enterprises by making document execution simple and secure.

The team at Signority understands that enterprise documentation requirements can be complex (e.g., requiring integrations with other apps). Pressure is certainly added when it comes to handling sensitive documents that require the protection of personally identifiable information (PII). The team is always keeping its eyes on any new legislation that arises related to data protection and security. It’s important that Signority customers remain confident knowing their information is safe without any violations.

So, whether you’re looking to cut costs (as many companies are) or simply need a quicker workflow to increase customer and employee satisfaction, Signority may be the best option for you. Sign-up now for a free trial today or contact one of our business professionals.

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