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General Global Settings

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Available with: Team Plans         Role: Super Admin


This page will review and explain the General Settings section of your Global Settings.

You can access the Global Settings page through  your Admin Console (Admin Dashboard).  To do so, click on Admin in  your sidebar menu. If Admin is at the top of your menu then you are already in your Admin Console.

For Global Settings you will see the Settings option in your sidebar menu.  If your menu is collapsed you should click on the Icon of a  Person with a Gear that appears in the menu below.

Setting Page

Once you select Settings you will have a modal window pop up that looks like this:

There are 3 things you should take notice of first. 

  1. The ability to lock ALL settings
  2. The menu at the top that will let you jump to each Setting category. As a Super Admin you may change the default settings in each of these sections.
  3. The little locks beside each setting. Use these locks to secure the setting you have set and make it unchangeable.  
    1. The first arrow points to the Help Instructions setting, it is turned on and locked. No one may override this setting unless they are another Super Admin who may unlock it. 
    2. The second arrow points to the Time Zone setting.  The Eastern Time Zone is set as the default for everyone’s account. However, because it is unlocked users and Team Admins may override this and set their own time zone.   A Team Admin may, for their teams, lock the time zone to whichever time zone they choose.

Global Settings Menu


Your General Settings, as shown below, include:

  1. Enable Help Instructions: this will enable any help instructions you have entered in the branding section to appear and assist your signers throughout the signing process.
  2. Time Zone: This setting allows you to set a default time zone for your users.  If you lock this they will not be able to change the time zone.  This setting affects the time zone shown in the email notifications and the audit trail. Only Western Time Zones are currently offered, with more coming soon.
  3. Default Language: This will set the default language for all your users within the Signority platform. This is different from the default language set for signers. This can be modified in Profile settings and in the document’s settings. Your current language choices are English and French.
  4. Document Usage Warning: This allows you to customize when you receive the usage warning alerting you to how low your remaining document count is.  To learn more about this feature and how to use it please see the Customize Usage Warning tutorial. 

General Settings Bordered

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