Tag Font Size

Tag font size too large or too small for your documents? Customize tag font size on an individual case or global basis.

Individual Tag Font Size

  1. Start a new document or template
  2. Upload your file and add your recipients
  3. Drag and drop your tags onto the document/template
  4. Select the tag you would like to modify the font size of
  5. Click on the gear icon above the tag to open the tags settings
  6. Select the dropdown next to ‘font size’ and choose which size font you would like for the tag
  7. Click Save and continue with the rest of the document creation process

Customize Default Font Size

Role(s): Individual User, Team Admin, Super Admin

  1. To adjust this, open Global Settings (For team admins this is in the admin console under Settings)
  2. Under Document, select the dropdown for ‘Default Font Size for Tags’
  3. Choose what size font you would like for tags
  4. Click Save

Global Settings: General


Available with:  All Team, Custom, and Enterprise Plans         Role: Billing Admin & Super Admins

This tutorial will review the settings that are listed in the Global Settings: General category.

When you go to your Global Settings and scroll down to the General category you will see the following settings:

General Overview

As you can see there is a total of four (4) settings in the General category:

  1. Enable Help Instructions
  2. Timezone
  3. Default Language
  4. Document remaining usage warning threshold

Let’s review each of the four settings and what they do.

  1. Enable Help Instructions

    In the image below you can see that this setting is turned on. This is indicated by the white circle being on the right side of a blue oval. This setting allows tooltips and a ‘Next’ Guide button to assist the signer in their journey.
    Enable Help Instructions


  2. Timezone

    The time zone option allows you to set a default time zone for your account. This is the time zone that will be used when documenting the document’s history on the Audit Trail and on the Document Status page.  Currently you can only choose from the six North American time zones as seen below.


  3. Default Language

    This sets the default language that will be displayed within the Signority Platform when you and your users create or send a document.  This can also be set on a Team and Profile (user) level.  Currently you have a choice between English and French.
    Default Language


  4. Document remaining usage warning threshold

    The document usage warning setting allows the Billing Admin to set when they will receive an email letting them know that it may be time to add more documents to your account.  Here you are choosing to receive an email notification when there are XX number of documents left in your account.
    Document Usage Warning

This can be set by either a percentage (%) or a specific number (documents) of your choosing.

Here is how both work:
% – choosing this option defaults to sending you a warning email once your organization has 20% of documents remaining. I.e.: If you had 100 documents at the start, you will receive an email when you have 20 documents left.
Document – with this option you can be a little more granular.  This allows you to specify exactly how many documents must be remaining in your account before you receive a warning that your document allotment has gotten low.  For example, you could specify that you will receive an email when there are 18 documents left in the account. 


Global Settings Overview


Available with:  All Team, Custom, and Enterprise Plans         Role: Billing Admin & Super Admins

This page will review and explain the General Settings section of your Global Settings.

You can access the Global Settings by:

  1. Clicking Admin at the bottom of  your left hand sidebar menu
  2. Selecting Settings in the Admin Console sidebar menu
  3. Choose Global Settings in the submenu that appears.

Getting to Global Settings

A pop up window will appear labeled Global Settings. Signority has made the Global Settings window as easy and intuitive to navigate and use as possible.


Navigating Global Settings

The quickest way to navigate the Global Settings window is to use the Menu of Settings at the top of the page under the header, as shown below in the red rounded rectangle.

Global Settings Top Menu

As you can see there are seven (7) setting categories; General, Security, Document, Notification, Sharing, Signer Options, and Retention & Backup

Each category is linked to take you directly to that section when you click on it.  When you do the category will turn blue to show that is the category you are currently reviewing. In the image above you can see that we are in the General category.

Note: Any change you make in the Global Settings will affect all users within the organization’s account. Be cautious when making changes.


Locked & Unlocked Settings

When you view the Global Settings window in Signority you will notice that there are locks at the top of the window as well as at the end of the row for each individual setting.  Here is what the two styles of locks look like: 

Red and Black Locks


What happens when a lock is open or closed?  

When a lock is:

  1. Black and unlocked (open): The option chosen for this setting is set as the ‘default’ setting for any new users going forward. However, because it is unlocked, a user may change that setting if it is available in their Profile Settings. A Team Admin may also change or lock it for their Team if they choose. 
  2. Red and Locked (closed): If a lock is closed, red, and has the words, “Locked by….” beside it, the setting is unchangeable and enforced for all users. For example, if an Admin locks the Enable 2FA/MFA and locks it, then all users must set up their 2FA before creating a document the next time they log in. They cannot put it off.
    The “Locked by…” is there to let users know which administrator has locked the setting should they wish to appeal the decision.

Once you have made a change to your settings click Save at the top right corner of the window to update the settings. 

Tip: Some changes will take place across the board while others, i.e.: Document Settings, will only apply to any new documents/templates created after the change has been implemented. Which it is will be confirmed within each Categories tutorial.


Can I Lock All the Setting? 

Yes, once you have reviewed the settings to ensure they adhere to your company/industry standards and policies you may lock and enforce them all if you wish.  To do this simply click the black open lock at the top left of the window next to the window title as shown below. This will lock all your Global Settings.