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Global Settings Overview

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Available with: Team Plans         Role: Super Admin


This tutorial will introduce you to the Global Settings available to you as a Super Admin. Any changes you make to these settings will take place on an organizational level. 

To get to your settings page as a Super Admin you can view the Global Settings in your Admin Console (Admin Dashboard). Click on Admin in  your sidebar menu. If Admin is at the top of your menu then you are already in your Admin Console.

For Global Settings you will see the Settings option in your sidebar menu.  If your menu is collapsed you should click on the Gear Icon that appears in the menu below.

Setting Page


When you click on this icon you will see the Global Settings window appear.  There are 3 things you should take notice of first. 

  1. The ability to lock ALL settings
  2. The menu at the top that will let you jump to each Setting category. As a Super Admin you may change the default settings in each of these sections.
  3. The little locks beside each setting. Use these locks to secure the setting you have set and make it unchangeable.  
    1. The first arrow points to the Help Instructions setting, it is turned on and locked. No one may override this setting unless they are another Super Admin who may unlock it. 
    2. The second arrow points to the Time Zone setting.  The Eastern Time Zone is set as the default for everyone’s account. However, because it is unlocked users and Team Admins may override this and set their own time zone.   A Team Admin may, for their teams, lock the time zone to whichever time zone they choose.


General Settings

The General Settings include:

  1. Enable Help Instructions
  2. Time Zone
  3. Default Language
  4. Document Usage Warning

General Settings


Security Settings

Here you can set security settings for your team and sub-teams. 

These settings include:

  1. Session logout time
  2. Expiration timing for SMS code 
  3. Admin Security Notifications
  4. Enforce 2FA/MFA for your users
  5. Enable/disable new device login notifications

Security Settings


Document Settings

In the Document Settings section you can enable such settings as:

  1. PDF Encryption
  2. eSignatures for all users
  3. Digital Signatures for all users
  4. Merge finalized documents and audit trail into one PDF document
  5. Attach document’s audit trail to final email attachment
  6. Combine final email attachment into one PDF file
  7. Display “Signature Powered by Signority” on Signature tags
  8. Set a document expiration date
  9. Set a default date format
  10. Set a custom default text tag size
  11. Set a custom default date tag size

Document SettingsNotification Settings 


The notification settings is where you will set up the kind of notifications you would like to receive and the notifications you would like to send signers and views. 

These settings include:

  1. Sending Reminder Emails to signers
  2. How often you would like to send reminder emails
  3. The maximum number of reminder emails to send
  4. Sending out an invitation to sign the document
  5. Receive a notification each time a signer has ‘viewed’ a document
  6. Receive a notification each time a signer has signed a document
  7. The kind of ‘Signing Finalized’ email you would like to receive
  8. The kind of ‘Signing Finalized’ email you would like the signer to receive
  9. Receive a notification if a document has expired before being signed
  10. Set a default time before a document package expires
  11. Have all notifications sent to another email address
  12. Have all overage notifications and invoices sent to other recipients


Sharing Settings

These settings allow you to set whether or not your users will automatically share:

  1. Documents with their team
  2. Templates with their team
  3. Contacts with their team

Sharing Settings


Signer Options

Signer options allow you to allow, or restrict, signers from being able to do the following:

  1. Reject a document
  2. Change the signer
  3. Save the document before it is completed
  4. Download a copy of the document before it is completed
  5. View the document after leaving
  6. See the status of the document
  7. See the thumbnail section automatically expanded in the signers page
  8. Access the Help section
  9. Draw their signature
  10. Type their signature
  11. Upload an image of their signature

Signer Options


Retention & Backup

This section allows you to set up enable our retention policy feature.  

Here you can:

  1. Enable or disable Document Retention
  2. Set a retention period
  3. Choose a retention type
  4. Set that all documents are saved to a cloud storage before they are purged

Retention and Backup

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