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Multi-Tag Editing for Faster eSign Prep

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Long forms with lots of fields can be a hassle to prepare for signing. Here is a list of actions and keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your Signority eSigning work.

Document or Template Editor Page

  • Click and Drag to select multiple tags at a time. After releasing the mouse, you will see an editor panel appear in the right side of the page with the following options
    • Delete All: deletes all selected tags
    • Transform: Each button aligns selected tags either to the left, right, top, or bottom
    • Recipients: Change the recipient assigned to the selected tags
  • Ctrl + Click (Cmd + Click on Mac): Will select a tag in addition to any other tags that are already selected
  • Ctrl + C (Cmd + C on Mac): Copies a selected tag
  • Ctrl + V (Cmd + V on Mac): Pastes copied tag

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