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Signority Formulas

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Formulas allow you to automatically populate a tag with a value based on the values of other tags in a Signority Package. Formulas are limited to Prefillable tags, which are tags that can be filled out by the Signority Package sender prior to sending out the document for signing, as well as Text tags.

To set up a formula in a Signority Package, first create a new Document or Regular Template. Then upload the files that will be part of the Document or Regular Template. Once the files have been uploaded, add the necessary tags and Prefillable tags for the document.

Now locate the Prefillable tag or Text tag that you would like to create a formula for. Select the tag, and click on the gear icon. In the window that pops up, locate the line called “Saved Conditions” and click on the ellipsis button. A new popup window will appear. This is where you will build your formula.

Conditional Formula

To build a conditional formula, select the “Conditional” option from the list of formulas.

Then select the tag that will be used for the condition. After that select a comparison operator and a value to compare the tag’s value to. Finally, enter in the text value that the tag should take on if the condition is met. At the end, you will have something that looks like the following.

This conditional formula says: if the tag named “Cost 1” is greater than 1000, then set the tag to contain the text “CEO Approval”.

Once you’ve created the condition, make sure to click the “+Add” button to save the condition. Then when you’ve finished adding all the necessary conditions, hit “Save”.

Copy Formula

The Copy formula allows a tag to take on the value of another tag. To set it up, simply choose the “Copy” option from the list of formulas. Then choose the name of the tag you wish to copy. When you’re done, hit “Save“.

Sum Formula

The Sum formula allows a tag to take the value of the sum of the values of multiple tags. To create a sum formula, choose the “Sum” option from the list of formulas. Then choose the tags to be included in the sum. Use Shift + Click to select a range, and Ctrl + Click (⌘Cmd + Click on Mac) to select a single tag in addition to other already selected tags. Finally, hit “Save” to save your sum formula.

This feature is actively being enhanced. Stay tuned for more formulas in the future!

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