Enable Delegate Signers


Available with: Custom Plan                             Users: All

Delegate signers are pivotal in managing and signing transactions on behalf of an account. This tutorial will guide you through enabling delegate signing, adding a delegate signer, configuring settings, and removing a delegate signer.

Note: Delegate signers can be other users from the same organization (account). It is not restricted to your team.

Enable Delegate Signing

Delegate signing can be enabled across all teams in Global Settings by the Billing Admin or a Super Admin.

To enable Delegate Signing for your organization:

  1. Navigate to either Global Settings in your Admin Console
  2. Under Signer Options (at the bottom), select “Allow users to delegate signing authority

Enable Delegate Signing Authority

Your users can now delegate others within our organization to sign documents on their behalf.

Click here to learn how to Manage Delegate Signers.