Bulk Export

Available with: All Plans          Role: Super Admin, Billing Admin

In the case where you need to close your account or move your documents in mass, bulk export allows users to save copies of documents sent from a you and your organization. Similarly, if have enabled document retention so that your documents will be automatically purged from your Signority account after a specific number of days, bulk export will allow you to save copies of those documents to your device or an integration.

Note: If the files selected for the export are greater than 1GB, the documents will be automatically seperated into seperate files.

Running a Bulk Export

  1. Using the left navigation menu, go to the Bulk Export page to open the Export History page.
  2. Select Create Export.
  3. Choose what status of documents (1) you would like to export. (Select all the apply)
  4. Select the date range (2) to export documents from. (This will use the date last modified)
  5. [Optional] If you have an integration set up for your account/team, choose where you would like to export to. (3)
  6. Choose what file type (.ZIP or .TGZ) you would like to export as. (4)
  7. Click Export (5) to begin exporting the documents. (This will take a few minutes)
  8. Click View Exports (6) to return to the Export History page.

You will be sent an email once the export is done.

Export History Page

The export history page shows an overview of all of the exports made from your accounts. To access the bulk export history page, follow the steps below for your account type:

Individual Accounts:
  1. Select Bulk Export from the left navigation menu.
Team Accounts (Super Admin & Billing Admin):
  1. Navigate to the Admin Console.
  2. Select Bulk Export from the left navigation menu.

Page Features

When the Export History page opens, you will see a window similar to the one below. On this page, you will see an override of all of the exports you have made and can also create a new export.

The export history page include:

  1. Create Export: Opens the Bulk Export page which is where you can run an export from
  2. Document Period: Timeframe from with the documents were comported from
  3. Document Status: Document Status’s exported
  4. Export Date: Date the export was done
  5. Status: Status of the export
  6. Exported To: Where the export was made to
  7. Export Details: Overview of the documents included in the exportClick on the export you want to see the Export Details for
    1. Select the checkbox next to the file you want to see the documents for. (If the export has multiple files it will show more than one file)
    2. A list of the documents included in that file will appear, outlining each document’s name, owner, date last modified, its status, and the document size.
    3. [Optional] Click Download to download a CSV file of the exported details.