Improve eSignature workflows
by integrating into hundreds of online apps.

Automate your operations and speed up eSignature processes by using online integrations with over 700+ apps through Signority.
Available to all customers on any paid plans at no extra cost.

eSignature Storage Workflows

Send a copy of your completed eSigned documents to DropBox/Google Drive/Box or even GMAIL.
Improve your electronic signature workflows today.

eSignature Notifications Workflows

Get notified on your phone via SMS notifications for all eSigned documents and eSignature statuses.
Get signed and then get notified by your app of choice below.

eSignature Operations

Track signers on a Google Sheet for further automation; print newly eSigned documents from Google Cloud Print and more.
Take electronic signature automation to the next level.

Reminders and To-do’s

Set reminders and add to-do’s for newly sent esigned documents, expiring and expired documents with hundreds of tools.
Here are a few one-click integrations ready to use.

Automated eSignature Workflows
(with multi-step Zaps)

Take electronic signature automation to the next level by leveraging Zapier’s multi-step Zaps.
Multi-Step Zaps let you Trigger as many Actions as you want from a single event, automating tiresome workflows end-to-end. For instance, you can easily:

  • Record a new Won deal in your CRM, then
  • Signority sends the right template to onboard the client
  • Once the document is signed, you get an SMS notification
  • The document is saved on your “Clients” Google Folder
  • The client gets an onboarding Welcome email with a copy of the signed document
  • The client gets another document to sign X days later as part of your onboarding process
  • All of that can happen on a single automation workflow!

You can also send your Signority data to every app you need at once, like updating contact lists on your CRM or Email Marketing tool you have whenever a client signs a new contract!
Multi-step Zaps require a tiny bit of work by you but they are just as easy to set up. Pick the first app you want to send your data to, then another. And another. As many apps as you need, chained together.
On top of the above, Zapier also offers additional functionality such as Search Actions and filters.
Search Actions when used along with templates on Signority will save you tons of time and work. Whenever you receive an email address (from an online survey tool, CRM, etc) you can look up a particular template to sign depending on the originating app. Then, you can send a template link for them to sign.
These can alternatively find data in other apps, enabling you to take your eSignature workflows to the next level.
Filters let you fine tune what goes in and out of Signority by only letting your workflows run if they meet your conditions. For example when a document is signed, you can search in the Document Title to see if it matches a condition like (Document title contains “NDA”), you can then choose to run an action like (Save Document to “NDA” folder).

Zapier + Signority

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