Creating Your Default Signature Design for One-Touch Signing

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Signing a document is pretty easy, but it’s annoying to always have to add your signature. You can simplify the process even further by setting up your default signature design for one-touch signing.

After you set up a default signature, each time you sign a document with your account, it’ll automatically put your signature in with just one click.

Your default signature design can be created in the Profile Settings.

When you’re on the dashboard:

  1. Click My Account in the top right and select Profile Settings

Set your signature design in profile settings

  1. At the bottom of the Profile page, you’ll see the option for Personal Signature

Adding your personal signature design

  1. Click on the Sign tag to bring up the Signature window. DrawType, or Upload the default signature design you want. Click Apply when you’re happy with it.

make your signature design for one touch signing

  1. When you’re done, you should see your signature applied in the Personal Signature box.

 default signature design applied

  1. Click Save to save the signature to your Profile.

Now, whenever you’re sent a document, it’s a simple one-touch signing process when you get to the signature tags.Applying default signature design for one-touch signing

There you have it, a few easy steps and you’re a click away from easy signing!

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