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Create a Folder

POST: /v1/folders

This API call creates a folder inside of your Signority account. Whether the folder holds documents or templates can be set by using the folderType field.


URL Parameters

Data Parameters

Field Mandatory Type Description
folder Yes JSONObject Folder object, name field is required.
name Yes String Folder’s name
folderType Yes Integer 1: document folder,
2: template folder
parent Yes Integer Placeholder, not used currently

Example Call:

folder: {
  "name": "123",
  "folderType": 2,
  "parent": -5

Returns a list of template folders for the user as well as it’s information or an error response.

Example Success Response:

    "data": {
        "id": 115700,
        "name": "123",
        "metaData": "",
        "parent": 0
    "success": true

Example Error Response:

Code: not 400


    'message': [detailed error message]
    'success': False