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Secure Your Document Distribution and Management with a Signority API Plan


Here are some links for the integration testing, the link will be different when we are changing to production:
User access UIhttps://sign.signority.com/UI/ (You can register a new user at this page)
API Base address: https://sign.signority.com/api/v1

Integration Examples

Sample Code


Click here to download our Python Sample Code


Click here to download our Java Sample Code


Click here to download our C# Sample Code


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C# API and Sample code

The link below contains the Signority API SDK and sample code in C#.


The sample code in the folder is ready to run directly in Visual Studio. The code includes the following example API calls:

 1. Check user account status
 2. Query user account’s document list
 3. Retrieve a specific document’s detailed information
 4. Send a signing request. This signing request includes
    – Two files / four pages
    – One Host signer and two in-person signers
    – Three signature tags for the host signer and two in-person signers
    – The signature tags are created dynamically (note that for tag placing,
       there are various options: anchor tag, PDF form, and templates)
 5. Automatically open the signing page for the first signer (in the example, it is the Signing Host)


Anchor Tags

Signority offers a quick fix for adding tags to a document using Anchor Tags. Simply upload the file and allow us to read and add the requested tags. To access this functionality through our API, first check whether it is available to your current plan. When making an API call to add files to a document, specify whether to add Anchor Tags to the document.
For more information, visit: https://www.signority.com/knowledge-base/use-anchor-text/