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API Reference

Account Access

USER   Contains information about a user account and its settings

Document Controller

DOCUMENTS   Contains information regarding documents that are to be signed


If you want Signority push the result to your server when the document is finalized, you need to set the document.documentSetting.postBackURL.
For example: Document.documentSetting.postBackURL = callback_URL/document_id
If the postBackURL is empty, Signority will not push the document back to your server
Notify Method : POST <Signority sends two requests to your server, one is to push the document in JSON to your server, another is to push the signed files back to your server. If it doesn’t meet your requirement, please contact us.>
You can set a different URL for each document.


Term Definition
Base URL Defined to be: https://sign.signority.com/api
Document A set of files that need to be signed. A document is like an envelope
Files A document contains one or more files, of which can be signed by a signing party
Tags Tags locate on the specific page at a specific location. Tags are fields for the signers to fill in or sign
docID The ID of a document, can be viewed either through a request or by looking at the URL of the document
fileID The ID of a file, can be viewed either through a request