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Secure Your Document Distribution and Management with a Signority API Plan

Use a Template to create a Document

POST:  /v2/templates/sign/{templateID}/

Use an existing Signority template to create a document




URL Parameters
None (Replace templateID with the Template’s ID)


Data Parameters

Field Mandatory Type Description
title No String Name of the document
senderName No String Sender name shown in the invitation email and on UI
senderEmail No String The email address shown in the invitation email
documentSetting.postBackUrl No String Call back URL is used to receive the notification of Document & the finalized documents
hsmDigitalSignEnabled No Boolean If set to True, the document created will use digital signature.
If set to False, the document created will not use digital signature.
documentSetting.languageCode No Int English: 550, French: 551
folderId No Int Folder in which the document should be placed.

If the folder type is not for documents, the caller lacks permission, or does not exist, the value is ignored.

Invitations Yes JSONArray Array of invitee objects
recipientName String Name of the recipient
recipientEmail String Email of the recipient
Tags Yes JSONArray Array of tag objects
ID Int ID of the tag
Name String Name of the tag
Value String Value to populate the tag

Response returns a response containing the information of the document that was sent. See response parameters for updating and sending documents.