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Transfer One or More Documents to Another User

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This tutorial will show you how to transfer one, or multiple, documents from one user to another.

Note: If you are looking to transfer all the documents in one user account to another please see our tutorial, Transfer All Documents from One User to Another.

There are a couple of places to go to initiate a transfer of documents within your account in Signority’s Documents Folder.

Transferring One Document to Another User

We are going to start with a single document transfer.  Signority calls this ‘pushing a document’ to another account.

In your black sidebar menu click on Documents.

Documents Sidebard Menu


In your documents folder find the document you wish to transfer and select the dropdown menu on the far right of the document name. We will transfer the document ‘Anchor Text Tag Sizing (20)’.

Documents Folder - drop down menu arrow


Clicking on the down arrow will have the dropdown menu appear. In that dropdown menu hover over “More” (1) and this will have a submenu appear. In that submenu select “Push to an Account” (2).



In the window that appears enter the username (email) of the user whose account you want to ‘push the document’ to (1).  Then click OK (2).

Transfer Document - Enter Other Users Name


When the pop up window disappears you will see that the document is now gone from your documents folder.


Transferring Multiple Documents to Another User

Transferring multiple documents to another user is just as easy as it was to transfer a single document.  You can follow these same steps to transfer only one document if you want.

In your Documents Folder check the box beside each document you want to transfer to another user. I am going to transfer “Bulk Sign Test_Liz Signority” and “Bulk Sign Test_Bob Signority”.


Note: If you transfer a document that is still “In Progress”, this process transfers the ownership of that document to the person you are transferring the document to.  This means once the document is finalized and everyone has signed it, they will receive the final document, not the user who originally sent it (you).


Transfer Multiple Docs - Selecting the docs


Then click on More in the top menu (1) and select “Push to an account” (2).

Document Transfer - Menu - Push to an Account


In the window that appears enter the username of the account you want to send the documents to (1) and then click OK (2).

Transfer Document - Enter Other Users Name


Once the window is gone you will see that your documents are no longer in your documents folder.

Document Transfer Successful


Congratulations, you have successfully transferred the documents to the other user account!

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