11 Essential Resources For Your New Paperless Office


Starting a digital office can seem a daunting task. You want to go in and go all the way – but what if you overlook a key aspect and everything stops working together? Not to worry. Here’s the list of resources you will need to utilize in your new paperless office. With nothing missing. Well, expect the paper.

Paperless invoicing

Freshbooks is a great service that can convert your billing and invoicing system to a secure electronic database. This “cloud accounting” service delivers a fast, accurate, easy to use, and professional interface for all your billing needs. Automated invoicing is available, as is integrations with Paypal and other online payment services. Use the system to generate reports, track expenses – even get the app to ride along.

  • $39.95 per month, plus $10 for each additional user; unlimited client entries and invoices.

paperless meetings 

TeamViewer lets you conduct paperless meetings and manage data within the paperless. You get remote access to any device 24/7 from ay computer or mobile device. Hijack your colleagues’ laptops to access data during meetings, plus use screen sharing, video and file sharing, included whiteboards, and teleconferencing to be effective and paperless. When meetings are over, upload slides and info to Dropbox or Basecamp easily and share the digital copies.

  • Licensing starts at $600 for three devices

Doodle and SurveyMonkey provide free service for conducting and scheduling meetings but don’t provide device connectivity and takeover capabilities.

Paperless scanning and faxing 

Turboscan is an excellent app that allows phone cameras to be used as scanners which then convert captured images to PDFs. High-quality photos are editable and may be stored and sent singularly or as large files.

  • $4.99 on iPhone or Android

Your office may also need a larger scanner for digital imaging. Here’s a PC World review of the best scanners for a paperless office.
eFax takes incoming faxes and puts them into your email box and easily-searchable emails. Send and receive faxes from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • $15 per month

paperless memos and notes 

Evernote lets you organize notebooks of digital notes, tasks, and can sync all your devices. Whether you use a laptop or an Android phone, you can have all your notes and thoughts wherever you go. Circulate ideas between team members

  • Free

PAPERLESS payments 

Square and PaypalHere let you process credit cards from the convenience of any mobile device and send paperless receipts to customers.

  • Fees range from 2-3% per transaction

Shoeboxed lets you send your mass of paper receipts into the Shoeboxed office and receive digital versions in return. They’ll scan your papers and index them in your account, letting you get reports and integrate the data into your database systems.

  • Pricing starts at $9.95 per month for 50 scans

PAPERLESS signatures 

Signority streamlines the essential process of acquiring customer signatures with one seamless digital application. Send and receive signed documents via a user-friendly interface usable across any device. Great for the most agile businesses, sign PDFs instantly, edit and store documents with one touch, and move forward faster.

Looking to take your business paperless? Sign-up now and get a 14-day free trial to a Signority eSignature Plan.

How Does e-Signature Fit Into the Financial Sector?

e-Signature in the Financial Sector

Missing Opportunities in Finance

The opportunities for the use of e-signatures in the financial sector are endless.  E-signatures are useful for account openings, loan applications, credit card applications, increasing staff productivity, and so much more. Many companies in the financial sector have been able to reduce the steps that it takes to complete a transaction by switching to e-signature. With Signority’s e-signature solution, companies can eliminate the need to prepare and mail paper packages, and to chase after customers for signatures. All documents are stored on Signority’s application.  This reduces the time that it takes for the company to complete a transaction.  

E-Signatures Improve Customer Satisfaction

It also makes the transaction easier on the client’s side, as they can sign remotely as long as they have a mobile phone or laptop.  Customer satisfaction with the overall transaction process increases by a lot due to being able to sign a document without the hassle of printing, scanning, and faxing.  Signority’s application is easy to use, and the signer can sign by drawing their signature with a mouse, a finger on a touch screen, by typing their name, or uploading an image of their signature.
Costs are greatly reduced because companies no longer need to pay for the shipping of documents, and for the huge amount of paper that was once used.  E-signatures makes the whole process easier, faster, less expensive, and more convenient.  Signority’s e-signature seamlessly integrates with any company’s financial processes because it simplifies and removes steps in the transaction process rather than removing them.  All of this does not come at the cost of security or authentication.  E-signatures afford financial institutions the security they need, the signer can easily be verified through an audit trail which tracks the IP address, date and time of signing and viewing, and opening of the document.

Why eSignature is the Best Tool For Improving Business Efficiency


Improving Business Efficiency With eSignatures!

The pace of business is faster than ever before. People expect quick action in two-way paperwork flows. With efficiency becoming increasingly important in the modern corporate world, finding the right tools to streamline business is crucial.  There are many ways that eSignature can improve the efficiency of your business, and we all know what efficiency means- accelerated business expansion.
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