New Application Release from Signority

Tons of Features and Improvements

August 7, 2017

Signority users, good news! With your feedback, we have modified the Billing Payment system and added more features. Getting your work done is now simpler and faster. We would love to hear from you! Feedback is always welcomed.
Billing Payment Improvements

  • Simplified plan with Team + API in one place
    • Team Plan now integrated with the API. Now any combination is possible within the document count limit.
    • There is NO extra cost by adding users. Unlimited Users and PKI Digital Signature are included without extra cost!
  • Self-Service Trial and Plan purchase
    • You can start a Free Trial on any of Team Plan without contacting us.
  • In-Application Self-Service Upgrade/Downgrade/Terminate Account
    • Upgrade by clicking the “Upgrade” button from the dashboard
    • – Or 
    • Upgrade by going to “MANAGE PLAN” from “My Account” at the top right corner, and select a new plan.
      • Downgrade by going to “MANAGE PLAN” from “My Account” at the top right corner. Select new plan.
  • Usage Report for Team Administrators
    • Team Admins or Billing Admins can now view team members activities.
    • View team member document transaction activities by Current Month, Last Month, or the Month Before Last.
    • Team Admins can click “Team” and click “Team Activity”.
  • Resend Signing Reminders
    • Recipients who have not yet to sign documents can be sent reminders.
    • During a signing ceremony, document sender select “More” at the top right corner. From the drop-down list, select “Status”. Go to “Recipient List” page, and individual signing invitations can be resent to those who have not yet to sign the document.
  •  Recipients can be Removed from Signing Flow
    • During a signing ceremony, document sender selects “More” at the top right corner. From the drop-down list, select “Status”, go to “Recipient List” page, and click “Remove” button.  

User Experience Improvements and Other Features

  • Mobile device UI improvement
    • If using a mobile tablet or smartphone to sign the document, our application will not show the thumbnail column on the signing page. This allows for an optimal window size to work on the document.
  • Overlay Template Workflow Improvement
    • Document Creation Workflow:
      • Upload Document
      • Once uploaded, the “Use a Template Overlay” button appears under “Template Overlay”.
      • Click on button and bring up template list.
      • When a template is selected, the name of the template used in Template Overlay section is shown
      • These will automatically be inherited from the template on current document creation:
        • pre-set tags,
        • ownership of tags,
        • email message,
        • subject lines,
        • “Send reminders to recipients” Options,
        • Page view evidence,
        • Digital Signature.

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