New Application Release from Signority

Up to Sprint 42

September 13, 2019

Signority users, you asked and we deliver! We have been working hard to design the features requested by you. It’s release day! With your feedback, we have released tons of features and improvements. Getting your work done is now simpler and faster. We would love to hear from you! Feedback is always welcomed.
New Features

  • Subteam
    • A billing admin and superadmins can create and manage subteams. Each subteam can view documents shared within the same subteam but not other subteams for document confidentiality. Check out Managing Subteams and Teammates.   
    • Admins can transfer document ownership.
    • Eligible team admins can configure Global Profile Settings for subteams and teammates.
    • Subteam feature is available from Team Plus and higher plans.
  • Overage for individual plans
    • Individual plan customers do not need to oversubscribe if you only need a few extra more documents before the service period ends. You will be informed of with usage notifications before the overage is effective. You will have a choice to pay overage or upgrade to a higher plan.
    • There will be no monthly document limitation to an annually paid customer.


  • High Performance Encrypted Digital Signature
    • The integration with GlobalSign high performance HSM (Hardware Security Module) has been completed. The enhanced digital signature is available to all team plan users at no extra cost.
  • Bulksign Template
    • No more limits to the number of bulksigners at each batch sending.
  • Overage Notifications
    • Team Billing Admin will receive two notifications when you or your team reaches 80% and 100% of the plan usage within the service period. You are given the option to upgrade or pay the overage.
  • Overlay Template

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