What is Overage?


Overage is any document package you send after you’ve used all of your plans allotted amount.

For example, if you purchased the Annual Plus Plan you receive 1200 documents per year to use as you need during that time period. If you use 1205 during your subscription period than those 5 extra documents are charged at the current $2 rate plus an additional $1 overage fee for a total of $3 per document.


How do I avoid an Overage fee?

To help you avoid overage fees Signority sends you an email notification once you have used 80% of your available amount of document packages.

If you need many more document packages than you had originally anticipated you can upgrade your plan at a prorated amount under My Account >> Manage Plan.

Does Signority Refund Unused Document Packages


Signority does not offer refunds.

If you have purchased a subscription plan, the document packages included with that plan are only good for the subscription period.

If you fail to remember to cancel your account before your subscription date you will be charged for the next subscription period.

What Happens When I Cancel My Subscription?


When you cancel your subscription with Signority the cancellation takes effect immediately. Currently Signority does not keep your account active until the end of your billing period.

What does this mean?

  1. You cannot send any new documents for signing
  2. Any documents sent out for signing prior to your subscription cancellation can be completed within 30 days.
  3. Thirty (30) days after your subscription has been cancelled all documents in your account will be deleted as per our privacy policy.
  4. Your account will still be accessible for 2 years afterwards should you decide to reactivate it.

If you plan on cancelling your account we recommend that you:

  • cancel 48 your prior to your renewal date
  • make sure you have downloaded any documents you wish to keep copies of.
  • ensure you have ceased sending out any signature requests at least 3 days prior to cancelling your account.


Sign Date Tag


Available With: All Team Plans

The Sign Date Tag will auto-connect to the Signature tag that has been assigned to the same signer it is.  When the signer enters their signature the date tag will automatically populate with the date the signature was applied.  This tag is locked as ‘read-only’, so the signer cannot modify or manipulate the date that appears.

To use the Sign Date Tag:

  1. You will find it in the Tag Selection on the left side of the Document Design Page

  2. Once you have placed the tag, it will automatically assign itself to the Signature Tag of the signer it is associated with, as shown below.

  3. Once the signer applies their signature that day’s date will appear in the Sign Date Tag and will be locked and not editable by the signer.